A Merit On Its Own

THE inaugural Star Media Group ESG Positive Impact Awards was created to celebrate sustainable leadership and to showcase initiatives taken in all three pillars of the ESG framework.

It was only apt that the trophy, too, champions the very essence and meaning of the Awards.

In ensuring that the trophy embodies the efforts taken by the industry in driving ESG practices, Star Media Group underwent a thorough selection process to search for the right company that is also a strong advocate in driving sustainability.

As such, The Green Factory – a pioneer in manufacturing sustainable wood products in Malaysia – was chosen and commissioned by Star Media Group to design and make the trophy.

The company which was established in 2012 adopts a circular, sustainable value chain across its manufacturing process of wood products – from material sourcing, green building and designing, to system efficiency, waste management and education.

A sought-after company for its expertise in custom interior fit-outs, furniture and homeware items, The Green Factory has garnered many accolades including the Malaysian Timber Council Industry Awards 2022 for Environment and Sustainability Distinction, Prestige Malaysia Top 40 Under 40 2021 for championing sustainability and eco-conservation, MTCC Sustainability Awards 2019 for Innovation and Diversification, and, Good Design Awards Japan 2018 for Sustainable Manufacturing.

The Green Factory is also certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, an international certification body dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management.

Making the Trophy

In bringing the vision to life, several elements were taken into consideration as The Green Factory wanted to create a trophy that was in line with the aspirations of the Awards.

The Inspiration

The trophy’s design was adapted from the Awards logo – its pyramidal shape symbolising strength and growth in sustainability across industries, while the green lines form the letters “ESG”, the three elements that form a 3D pyramid.

The Wood

Reclaimed pinewood is sourced from retired Malaysian logistics materials such as crates and shipping boxes, thereby symbolising sustainability that honours the environment by giving new life to discarded materials, and reduces carbon footprint for a greener future.

The Metal Plate

Mild steel, which plays a role in sustainable practices for its high recyclability and durability, is used for the extra layer. For the finishing, it is sprayed with solvent-free paint that does not generate harmful fumes or pollutants.

The Artwork

Ultraviolet printing is used to create the abstract pattern as well as names on the plate; it is an eco-friendlier form of printing which dries immediately, safe for the environment and leaves an almost zero carbon footprint.

Creating the trophies was not a simple task, said The Green Factory founder and chief executive officer Harith Ridzuan, whose team was involved from the planning and designing to the crafting of the trophies.

“It took 60kg of waste wood, the combined effort of 10 skilled crafters from The Green Factory, and each trophy is carefully crafted using eco-friendly methods, embodying the essence of green practices.

“We see this trophy as an inspiring symbol for more businesses to make a positive impact on our planet and shape a brighter future for generations to come,” says Harith, dubbed the Green Carpenter.

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