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As countries and businesses worldwide shift focus towards their sustainability goals, the adoption of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles has become vital for companies to remain competitive regionally and globally.

In addition to regulatory and stakeholder demands, investors are increasingly using ESG – alongside traditional financial metrics – to evaluate potential investments.

Practising ESG principles allows companies to motivate their peers, reassure consumers and investors, while also being recognised as one of Malaysia’s leading companies championing ESG.

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The ESG Positive Impact Awards aims to recognise and showcase Malaysian companies whose ESG practices have made a demonstratively positive impact on the community.

There are a total of fifteen (15) categories. Six (6) under Environment, five (5) under Social, one (1) under Governance and three (3) under Others.

The final submission date is 31 May 2024, 5pm

To qualify for the awards, your company must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be duly incorporated in Malaysia in accordance with the Companies Act 2016. [Companies registered under the Companies Act 1965 are deemed to have been registered under the Companies Act 2016]
  2. For groups of companies, only those companies incorporated in Malaysia in accordance with the Companies Act 2016 are eligible to apply either individually or as a group.
  3. Submit audited financial statements for the past three (3) consecutive financial years.
  4. Entries can be for projects that are ongoing or completed between July 2022 - December 2023. However, the project will only be judged based on impact made between January 2023 - December 2023.
  5. The organisation must not be bankrupt, and does not have any legal suit / reputation that impairs the image of this award program.
  6. The organisation must provide regulatory or acknowledgement documentation for presented initiatives (i.e., government engagement and acknowledgement letters, news clippings, media articles, etc.)

The awards are on a project basis, so if you are running multiple projects within your company or group, you can choose to submit more than one project.

Only ESG projects from 2021 onwards are allowed to be submitted for the awards.

No, audited financial reports from 2021, 2022 and 2023 will need to be submitted. A Company Management Report is also accepted.

Introducing our esteemed panel of ESG judges – a diverse and accomplished group drawn from a spectrum of renowned institutions. These institutions contain independent bodies specialising in governance and risk management, a prominent multinational financial services corporation, government agencies with a vested interest in sustainable development, innovation and growth, as well as reputable non-profit organisations actively engaged in economic, financial and business research, both in Malaysia and across the global landscape. Together, they bring a wealth of expertise and a broad perspective to the evaluation and recognition of excellence in the realms of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices.

There will be no presentations during the initial judging process. Once this stage is complete, the top two (2) winners from each category will be invited to present their submissions to the judges for The Most Outstanding ESG Project award.

There is a non-refundable fee of RM1,000 for each awards category submitted. Please pay via online transfer or cash deposit to STAR MEDIA GROUP BERHAD

Bank details:
Account number: 312143597238
Bank name: Standard Chartered Bank

The results will be announced during the awards night held on August 2024.

Winners will receive a trophy, the right to display the ESG Positive Impact logo/monogram on corporate collaterals, media publicity and invitations to attend and speak at special business workshops.

Each Most Outstanding ESG Project winner will receive an exclusive editorial write-up in The Star.

All participating companies’ CEOs will receive a complimentary seat for the awards night and opportunities to self-check and network with key business professionals through The Star's ESG network.

Yes, all submissions are confidential and will only be used during judging sessions.

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