Breaking barriers and driving success

PETRONAS cultivates a diverse, inclusive and equitable work environment.

Asia’s heatwave could get worse with El Nino

LATE last month, there were two reports of children in Kelantan — one seven-month old toddler from Kota Baru and an 11-year old boy from Bachok — having succumbed to a heatwave that, till today, is still affecting the world.

Ban on plastic bags for retail purposes a welcomed move, but execution is key

PLASTIC pollution is suffocating our planet — and it’s only getting worse. Production has rocketed in the last two decades, with more plastic being produced between 2003 and 2016 than in the whole of the 20th century.

Biodiversity: our life, our heritage, our future

MALAYSIA’s flora and fauna, whether on land or at sea, show the richness of the country’s natural resources that contribute to a ‘living ecosystem’ of which we are a part of. Indeed, our biodiversity is not just a part of us, but we depend on it far more than we actually realise.

Experts express importance of ESG reporting

THE disclosure on environmental, social and governance matters, or ESG reporting, was made mandatory by Bursa Malaysia since 2016 to provide evidence for transparency and accountability in business decisions and operations to investors.

Further steps in labour protection

LABOUR protection in Malaysia has evolved to provide various forms of protection for workers, with extended support for foreign workers and improvements to existing benefits.

No route to net zero without biodiversity

Protecting biodiversity is a way to safeguard the future.

Serog ek, hutan kita, our forests

INDIGENOUS communities globally have demonstrated that they are the best guardians of their traditional

Sparking solar energy adoption in Malaysia

Among the available renewable energy sources, solar energy is of the greatest potential in Malaysia given that the country is located within the Sunbelt with at least 10 hours of sun daily.

Workers’ welfare under scrutiny

Growing market interest in how companies manage human capital.

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